JUL 2017

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thoughts from Scott’s desk

My father-in-law used to love the 4th of July. He’d boil a huge cauldron full of freshly picked corn on the cob. We’d drink Tom Collins on his back patio under the stars, and watch fireworks being launched from the local community celebrations. Then, every year — without fail — he’d proclaim “Well summer’s over!” What? It’s only the beginning of July. Why would that mean it was the end of summer already? But, in what seemed like two blinks of the eye, it’s always Labor Day before you know what happened.

Maybe my love for summer still harkens back to my school days when summer meant no school, and trips to the beach. It’s not that Spring, Autumn and Winter are great too. They just don’t seem to fly by quite as rapidly.

Summer is a precious, beautiful season that seems to come and go much faster than it should. So, enjoy it while you can.



Scott Barthelmes
Editor / Publisher
The Relevant Man, LLC


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