how did we get here?

This is the story of two cousins who grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania. They lived fairly average lives, in a fairly average place with fairly average families … and grandiose dreams. The two were almost exactly the same age — only a week separated their birth dates. They grew up on opposite ends of the small city. But, when they got together, they shared dreams of someday building something great together.

Life doesn’t always follow the path of our childhood dreams. And, when it came time to go off to college, the two cousins were further separated geographically in the pursuit of their individual ambitions and career paths. Even still — on occasions when they could get together there remained an undeniable spark that led more than one onlooker to arrive at the conclusion that the two shared common brainwaves.

Many years passed, and the two found success in their own individual endeavors. But, the strong desire to work on something great together remained an itch that wouldn’t be squelched.

The cousins had been born in an era of great expansion, and huge leaps in technological advancements. Throughout their lives, their generation had remained the target for media, entertainment, advertising, fashion, and style. It was easy for them to continue to evolve in every aspect of their lives, because the trends were based on their generation’s aspirations and beliefs.

The day came when the cousins began to notice that the latest trends no longer seemed to fit. Wearing the latest fashions sometimes felt contrived. Adopting the latest fitness routines introduced more injury than strength. And, following the most current advice left them feeling insincere.

Friends of a similar ilk noticed the same. Sure, the latest styles looked great on a 22 year old model in a men’s magazine. But, they weren’t designed for a man who is no longer considered to be a “young adult.” Great music continued to be produced, but finding it required the help of a “tech-savvy kid.”

The cousins noted that many of their friends had found themselves single again for the first time in years. Were their friends to follow the advice of modern media to write the “perfect text message” to ask a women for a date? That might work for a 24 year old. But, no self respecting, adult woman longs to be courted via text messages.

It soon became obvious that theirs was an entire generation in need of a voice. Unlike women, guys don’t ask one another for personal advice. They rely on published information. And, they are - in increasing numbers utilizing online resources for guidance. They no longer desire to be perceived as a “young kid”. And, they sure-as-hell are not senior citizens. The time is right for an online community that addresses the interests of men who are entering the prime of their lives. A forum representing stylish elegance that appears to be effortless. Years of accumulated life’s experiences contribute to this man’s unparalleled ability to discern the subtle, classic, visionary selections that he makes in life, in love, and in his personal style. He seeks resources that will assist him with these endeavors. Those two cousins have joined forces to bring that community together.

The Relevant Man is that voice.

Yep, theSe are the real guys behind THE RELEVANT MAN— about 50 years since 2 mad scientists cooked up a batch of Creepy crawlers

Anyone remember Creepy Crawlers? A time-gone-by when 5 year olds learned life lessons the old-fashioned way—the burn of a 450 degree goop hardening metal mold.

Scott Barthelmes and Chip Barthelmes

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