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The ManTest - Is That a Contraceptive

Scott Barthelmes - Monday, July 03, 2017

Waaaay back when I was a young man, buying a condom was a pretty simple deal. There were about two choices, and Magnum was not a viable option for most. But times they have changed, and a quick Google search reveals a plethora of sheath options on the current market. And the product names for the once simple rubber are hilarious.

So, ya think you’d be able to pick out the condom names if they were mixed in with a list of actual names for ladies’ brassieres? Here’s a list of bra names and condom titles. See if you know which is which.

  1. A. The Frog
  2. B. Oasis
  3. C. 7 Wonders
  4. D. Ecstasy
  5. E. The Fit-to-a-T
  6. F. Maxx
  7. G. Hallelujah
  8. H. Intrepid
  9. I. The Marvel
  10. J. Wyld
  11. K. The Big Shot
  12. L. The Salsa
  13. M. Wild Rose
  14. N. Tuxedo Black
  15. O. The Glow
  16. P. So Obsessed
  17. Q. The Bombshell
  18. R. Play Delight
  19. S. Vivid
  20. T. Mirage
  21. U. Secrets
  22. V. Wrangler
  23. W. Violetta
  24. X. Volta
  25. Y. Thryll
  26. Z. Fun Bumps

OK MAN, let’s see how you did. If you were to go buy a johnny cap tomorrow, would you know what to ask for?


  1. A. The Frog — bra by Title Nine
  2. B. Oasis — condom by One
  3. C. 7 Wonders — bra by Title Nine
  4. D. Ecstasy — condom by Trojan
  5. E. The Fit-to-a-T — bra by Title Nine
  6. F. Maxx - condom by Kimono
  7. G. Hallelujah — bra by Title Nine
  8. H. Intrepid — bra by Title Nine
  9. I. The Marvel — bra by Title Nine
  10. J. Wyld - condom by Lifestyles
  11. K. The Big Shot — bra by Title Nine
  12. L. The Salsa — bra by Fantasie
  13. M. Wild Rose - condom by Caution Wear
  14. N. Tuxedo Black - condom by Lifestyles
  15. O. The Glow — condom by One
  16. P. So Obsessed — bra by Victoria’s Secret
  17. Q. The Bombshell — bra by Victoria’s Secret
  18. R. Play Delight — condom by Durex
  19. S. Vivid — condom by Vivid
  20. T. Mirage - bra by DKNY
  21. U. Secrets - bra by Playtex
  22. V. Wrangler - condom by Ria
  23. W. Violetta — bra by La Perla
  24. X. Volta — bra by La Perla
  25. Y. Thryll — condom by Lifestyles
  26. Z. Fun Bumps - condom by Lifestyles


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