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Velcro Sneakers are NOT COOL

Scott Barthelmes - Friday, April 21, 2017

There are some short cuts and aids in life that we accept as we age. Most of us will -- at some point --succumb to the need for corrective lenses in order to be able to read. We may need a knee brace or other orthopedic device for support along the way. But, there is no reason that any self-respecting man should allow himself to fall fashion victim to the insidious Velcro sneaker.

If you have a medical malady that prevents you from tying your laces, then by all means give consideration to a loafer. There are plenty of high quality, good looking, laceless shoes in every shoe type – including sneakers.

It’s not as though we have a vendetta against Velcro either. In fact, Velcro straps on sandals are great. They are practical, equally attractive, and much easier to secure than metal buckles.

Velcro sneakers on the other hand, are an affront against all sense of fashion. They scream to the world that you’ve grown so old (or so lazy) that you’ve totally run-up-the-white-flag on the challenges of style and good taste. The Velcro sneaker is unattractive, unnecessary, and untenable. And, with that we officially declare the Velcro sneaker to be the footwear of … the FOOL.

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